OTTO Link Rocky Giglio Tenor metal

€ 150,00

RG (Rocky Giglio) by Otto Link has many unique features such as a hard rubber tooth protector that runs the full length of the bite with no metal taken off the mouthpiece. Inside, the parabolic-shaped chamber is designed for ease of blowing and projection. The versatility of this mouthpiece allows it to be used for all types of music--from soft and mellow to bright and edgy--depending upon the set up the player prefers. For long-lasting durability, the mouthpiece has a brushed stainless steel finish and is also available with gold plating by special order. RG also comes in a hard rubber model with a more traditional outside shape and the same parabolic chamber concept inside. Tip openings are offered in: .108" (between 7*-8), .118" (between 8*-9), and .128" (between 9*-10à.